Wrangling Themes 1 Hour Presentation


Wrangling themes with Alison Knott

Posted by Crystal Picard on Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to use WordPress themes is a topic loaded with questions, concerns and “Oh crap, what did I do now?” moments. Wrangling Themes is probably one of my favourite talks I’ve given on WordPress to date. It was a huge roundup of the most common questions I get around using themes from clients and meetup attendees. I know people get lost in them pretty quickly, so I crafted a presentation fit for both beginners and those comfortable digging around their site. I even managed to get a Pinky And The Brain reference in there.

I presented this to about 28 people at the 2nd Anniversary of the WordPress Halifax Meetup. It was so inspiring to see how far the group has come as far as community and web achievement. We even had cake and wine to celebrate!


Who is this presentation for?

Beginners to designers will get a lot out of this presentation. Beginners will appreciate the clear, plain language of how everything works, including handy anatomy and terminology slides (cus you don’t know what you don’t know, right?).

Those more comfortable with WordPress benefit from my overview of page builders, frame works and troubleshooting themes.

Not only is there technical notes in this presentation, but also practical content considerations too: my answer on how to find the perfect theme may surprise you. Not click-bait at all: you have to think on functionality before you get into aesthetics.

This presentation answers common questions such as:

  • How do I find the perfect WordPress theme?
  • What terminology should I know?
  • What should I look out for?
  • What’s a good price to pay for a theme?
  • How do I make changes to my theme?
  • How can I take my theme to the next level?

You can view the slide-deck here. Do you have some theme questions or issues you need help resolving? I can help you with that!

About Alison

Alison is the one woman show behind Eraserheader Design. An international speaker, Alison tapps into the intersection of business, web and creativity. As a web and branding consultant, her aim is to raise web literacy for all business owners! When not being a total internet nerd, she entertains her two pet parrots.