Kayla RobbWelcome Kayla Robb, Eraserheader’s Summer Workplace Shadow

Summer is a perfect time to show a recent grad the ropes of being a small design business in Halifax. I am pleased to introduce y’all to Kayla Robb, who just graduated with a Bachelor of Design from NSCAD.

Kayla had been living and working in Vancouver as a 3D Modeler on animation and special effects projects. She then became more and more interested in interactive design and development over the last few years. In her own words:

“I hope to pick Alison’s brain and ask her endless questions about design and development. I also hope to learn more about being a successful freelancer, developing client relationships, and how I can best contribute to the awesome city of Halifax with my own personal skill set.”

Kayla caught my attention at the last two E3C + Behance Portfolio Events with her top notch portfolio, sharp wit and entrepreneurial spirit. I am thrilled to have her come along for the summer, and look forward to working with her on upcoming projects.

If you are a recent design grad with web knowledge and are interested in shadowing me and my business, please contact me. Mentorship is an important part of professional development. It’s my duty as a business owner to help emerging designers when I can!

About Alison

Alison is the one woman show behind Eraserheader Design. An international speaker, Alison tapps into the intersection of business, web and creativity. As a web and branding consultant, her aim is to raise web literacy for all business owners! When not being a total internet nerd, she entertains her two pet parrots.

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