Holy crap how excited am I?

Holy crap how excited am I?

Look out Ottawa, here I come!

I am excited to announce that I will be a speaker at WordCamp Ottawa 2016 this summer! This will be the debut of my new talk ‘Engage your audience now: purposeful content design for beginners’. Also known as ‘What the !&*%$ do I click?’

WordCamps – the easiest way to physically hug WordPress

WordCamps are highly inclusive and accessible international conferences for all levels of WordPress users and makers. Sessions range from beginner guides to SEO and plugins to advanced development show and tells. Not to mention the Happiness Bar between sessions that allows people to get help with their sites – on the spot!

Last summer I went to my first WordCamp in Montreal as an attendee. I was struck by how helpful and enthusiastic people who attended were about the platform. The community that forms around these international events is just incredible.

While there I got to know the conference’s speakers really well and was encouraged to start thinking about being a speaker for WordCamps myself. Since then, my Engagement talk has been steadily shaping up in my mind.

Teach What Ya Preach

The goal of my talk is to get people thinking about design as a way to elevate user engagement. Looking good doesn’t do much for a site if it isn’t clear what users are supposed to do with the content.

I will be teaching a few classic design principals that help make for better user interaction. I will also be asking questions that help website creators think deeper on who their audience is. Especially when a site should be getting email subscriptions or comment participation. The talk will have lots of laughs, as I believe delighting an audience is just as important as informing them.

Paying it Forward

The energy I got from the organizers, attendees and speakers at the last WordCamp left such an impression on me that I started the WordPress Halifax Meetup. I wanted to bring back that sense of helpful community to Halifax.

Now, I get to bring a bit of Halifax to Ottawa. I think that’s a fair exchange!

About Alison

Alison is the one woman show behind Eraserheader Design. An international speaker, Alison tapps into the intersection of business, web and creativity. As a web and branding consultant, her aim is to raise web literacy for all business owners! When not being a total internet nerd, she entertains her two pet parrots.