speaking-enGetting Back To My Roots At WordCamp Montréal 2016


Some of the best things happen last minute – I’ve been invited to be a speaker at WordCamp Montréal 2016 this weekend! This means a lot to me because WordCamp Montréal 2015 was where the seed for my WordPress community involvement started. I was so amazed at how much learning happened at this incredibly accessible and inclusive conference. So much so that I brought some of that energy back to start the WordPress Halifax Meetup.

This is the second showing of my hyperactive talk ‘Engage your audience now: purposeful content design for beginners’. Also known as ‘What the !&*%$ do I click?’ 

I launched it last month at WordCamp Ottawa and was floored by the positive response it received. Audience members were inspired to sketch in their notebooks after it! I was thrilled to delight so many people with the good word of good design.


Whatsa WordCamp? Read on!

WordCamp is actually a series of  international conferences for all levels of WordPress users and makers. Folks from all walks in life come together to share knowledge and grow community around the platform. WordCamps make it easy to see the human beings behind technology. Suddenly you’re not plunking away at a cold collection of code: you’re contributing to an online ecosystem of internet content. People care that you succeed with your website goals, and they’re available to help out however they can. As WordCamp speakers, volunteers or fellow attendees.


My Talk: Design Nerdery At Its Finest

The majority of my income is through designing and launching version 2.0 or 3.0 of existing business sites. I see a lot of places design could be amped up to meet the goals of the site. My talk (through wild gesticulation and puns) is to get people thinking about design as a way to elevate user engagement.

I’ve very excited to be delivering it in another province, as it is my hopes to make it my main talk to tote around Canada (…maybe even the US?) for the next year. One can dream! Like I said, last year I was an attendee and this year I’m on stage – the sky’s the limit, folks!

About Alison

Alison is the one woman show behind Eraserheader Design. An international speaker, Alison tapps into the intersection of business, web and creativity. As a web and branding consultant, her aim is to raise web literacy for all business owners! When not being a total internet nerd, she entertains her two pet parrots.