Where does the time go? I’m back at BlogJam Atlantic 2016!


365 days fly by super fast: I will be speaking at BlogJam Atlantic 2016. I think you should attend, but more on that later.

You could say I made my first serious step into the world as a public speaker at BlogJam last year. I gave my first WordPress focused talk called ‘Wrangling WordPress’. Over 50 tips were fired into the audience with standing room only. The enthusiasm people bought regarding learning more about their blogging platform was inspiring. I new I had to come back to talk to this group again.


Session Title Card

Troll dolls and wigs for my session title card. This will make sense in my talk, I promise.

What I’ll Be Speaking About

This time around, I have revamped my Design To Engage talk to be specific to the needs of bloggers. We’ll go over everything from design theory to user statics. Anything I can think of that will help bloggers raise their design game to bring in more readers, more downloads, more bloggy goodness. I have a passion for teaching design (currently I teach at NSCC Institute of Technology) and my goal at BlogJam is to have every attendee at my talk leave with a newfound view on design. To be inspired with a design perspective that aligns with their own blogging goals.


My Reasons Why You Should Attend BlogJam 2016

If you are considering attend BlogJam, may I offer up some reasons to incite you? I’ve been around the block when it comes to content-based conferences. Sometimes the subject matter can be stale or geared towards a too-specific audience. Not so with BlogJam! Hopefully the following reasons will help sway you in hitting ‘register’ on their site.


The Speaker Line-Up Is Uniquely Local

I love being out of town for a conference and checking out international speakers, but there’s something special about taking in messaging from someone in your home town. BlogJam brings in speakers from the Atlantic provinces, being very mindful of their local curation. Some say that you have to move to bigger cities to make your dreams a reality, but the lineup at BlogJam proves you can make it anywhere. Take in talks by people you can relate to, not only because of their subject matter, but because of their qualities that make them uniquely Atlantic Canadian.


Shot of my BlogJam session from last year

Shot of my BlogJam session from last year. Not pictured: bags of candy I gave out to everyone to keep the energy high!

It’s Incredibly Accessible To Both Beginner and Veteran Bloggers

The topics covered cover a wide variety. They touch on topics that any skill level can work into their blog lifestyle. You have ways to generate content creation in ‘What the Hell Am I Going to Write About‘ by the hilarious Mike Tanner. Heather Laura Clarke will help you find clarity in balancing genuine content with your marketing needs. Don’t forget everyone’s favourite topic, ‘Monetizing Your Blog‘,which is being presented in a panel style. Always do your best to take in these sort of talks as you’ll hear three perspectives from Colleen O’Dea, Laura Snow and Gillian Wesley.

BlogJam Atlantic is incredibly inviting. Everyone is there to learn something new, or build upon their foundation. The conference is not exclusive at all: it’s goal is to empower Atlantic bloggers with tools and concepts to make the most of their online efforts.

If you’re new to blogging, go to be inspired by those who’ve worked hard to be successfully. Take note of the variety of what success means in the blogging world. Been  blogging for a while? Go to get new perspective, or maybe to light a fire under your bum to take your blog to the next level.

At the very least, go to network in person. Yes, blogging is done on the internet, but you can’t beat face-to-face connection.


BlogJam Covered Lunch

It’s important that when you’re at an event with like-minded people that you don’t break that ‘bubble’ by leaving for lunch. This time around, BlogJam has you covered. So you can sit down and mingle with fellow attendees without worrying you’ll miss a session. Exchange what you’ve learned from the morning session, and get the Cole’s Notes on the ones you couldn’t attend.


There Will Be A WordPress Happiness Bar, Too!

Not only am I speaking at BlogJam, but I will also be working the Happiness Bar. Sorry, no booze at this bar, but you will leave feeling elated. Myself and some stellar volunteers from the WordPress Halifax Meetup will be on hand to help anyone with, well, anything WordPress. We troubleshoot plugins, offer design critiques and even do training. Happiness Bar is a staple at WordCamp, the official international WordCamp conferences. I am very proud to be able to offer a smaller version of it at BlogJam.


Stop Waffling And Register Already

Conferences of this nature are few and far between. The fact it’s in Halifax and at an affordable price is perfect for bloggers. So, in closing, go grab your ticket now. It’s an awesome event, unique in its content and organized by a stellar team of people passionate about blogging.

I hope to see you there, so we can be hyperactive about engaging design together. We’ll jam over blog design. It’s going to be great.

About Alison

Alison is the one woman show behind Eraserheader Design. An international speaker, Alison tapps into the intersection of business, web and creativity. As a web and branding consultant, her aim is to raise web literacy for all business owners! When not being a total internet nerd, she entertains her two pet parrots.