A Creative Public Speaker Who Teaches, Inspires and Engages

Alison is an awesome WordPress Wizard! I love the way she presents information because I've always believed it is better received and retained when you add fun and humour.

Tim DittmerConsultant, True inSite Web Design

Alison's combination of being knowledgeable, funny, and an effective presenter leads her to being one of the top speakers I've had the pleasure of presenting at WordCamp Ottawa. I can only dream that more speakers were as dedicated and of high-caliber like her!

Meagan HanesWordCamp Ottawa Lead Organizer

If Alison could market her energy, she would be filthy rich! Great WordPress presentation at the BlogJam Conference.

Sandy McFaddenAutomattic (WordPress.com)

Alison supports the spirit of sharing skills and creating community. Between shiny presentations, and answering all participants' questions patiently - she's a bad ass!

Community-Learning-Love CommitteeTrade School Halifax

Alison Knott is a force to be reckoned with. A powerful public speaker that engages her audience with both a passion for her subject matter and honest clarity which inspires.

Frank Orlando Co-founder and Editor of Hello Dartmouth

What a great presentation on content design! Full of energy, humor, fun slide visuals, stats and examples that helped us all!

SteveWordCamp Montreal Attendee

Years of Being the Extroverted Geeky Kid Has Paid Off

Alison Knott is a national public speaker who’s passionate about the intersection of web, creativity and business. It has lead her to produced Atlantic Canada’s first WordPress Conference and Meetup, teach web design to college students and entertain business owners with nerdy facts. Her main mandate: to raise web literacy for small business and entrepreneurs. Her presentations are an unusual blend of high-octane enthusiasm and actionable lessons. Boring tech jargon has no place in her talks!

Alison aims to engage audiences at the highest level. Action plans, workshop sessions and giving out candy are just a few examples. Whatever it takes to have people leave inspired, she’s on board.

She is a member of Creatively Speaking Toastmasters, where she continues to hone her speaking and collaboration skills. When not working or speaking, she teaches design related courses at the Institute of Technology of Nova Scotia Community College.



Interested to see Alison in her natural speaking element? Every Tuesday at 2:00pm Atlantic, she hosts a Facebook Live series called ‘LunchPress’. There is a new topic discussed each week from plugin how-tos to industry life. Viewers can also post their WordPress questions and have them answered live. Yes, speaking to a webcam is very different from an ‘in-the-room’ audience (much harder, she’d argue) but why not see her energy and knowledge for yourself?

Alison Knott: speaker headshot

Headshot and Blogjam photo by Michelle Doucette; WordCamp photos by Jer Clarke

Woman in tech speaker Alison Knott

Speaking Engagements

Alison’s key topics are around overcoming tech obstacles as business owners, WordPress, and the intersection of tech and creativity. She is happy to craft something special for your conference, PD day or classroom. She is also available to lead workshops in web, design and illustration. Public appearances include:

Farting In The Wind: What Bloggers Need To Know About Google Analytics / BlogJam Atlantic 2017, Halifax

Is WordPress Right For My Business / Daley Progress, Halifax

Wrangling WordPress Themes / WordPress Halifax Meetup, Halifax

Wrangling WordPress: staying sane when you’re trying to do it ALL / Podcamp Halifax 2017, Halifax

Hallway Chats Podcast: Episode 16 (a podcast about the WordPress community)

Moderator at Portfolio Day Panel / NSCAD University, Halifax

Promoting Your Zines Online / Zine Fair 2016, Halifax

Engage Your Audience Now: purposeful content design for bloggers / BlogJam Atlantic 2016, Halifax

Engage Your Audience Now: purposeful content design for beginners / WordCamp Montreal 2016, WordCamp Ottawa 2016

Panelist: What it takes in a portfolio to land an interview / E3C Portfolio Review Night 4, Halifax

Panelist: Professional confessions / Volta’s Design Peer2Peer, Halifax

Wrangling WordPress / Blogjam Atlantic Conference 2015, Halifax

Coordinator: E3C + Behance Portfolio Night Creative Communities / Collide Halifax Conference 2015, Halifax

Panelist: Is Your Website Working Its Hardest? /AIM Conference 2013, Halifax

Panelist: Is Your Website Working Its Hardest / Podcamp 2012, Halifax



Photoshop for Bloggers: 7 hour introduction to Photoshop for creating social media graphics and photo editing basics 

So You Wanna Build A Website?: 3 hour into to the basics of owning a website for non-profits and individuals

Fun With Gestural Drawing: 4 hour workshop with live model to cover line of action, contouring and effective gesture drawing

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