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I often get asked what kind of plugins I use, what hosting company is best, where I get my information and what communities I’m involved in. Below is a shortlist of various tools and resources I use in my business and recommend to my clients. Please note that I do have an affiliation with some of these fine providers, but only for the products I personally. Clicking my affiliate link means I receive a paid bonus for spreading the word of their great products! These links are distinguished by an (*).

WordPress Plugins & Services I Trust

GeneratePress theme

GeneratePress Premium Theme*

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I have found my dream framework, and it is a Canadian-made theme called GeneratePress Premium. The versatility of this theme from header configurations to implementing hooks just amazes me. The free version can be found in the WordPress theme directory. If you’re interested in learning more on why I love this theme, check out this LunchPress episode.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Page Builder*

Use my affiliate link to purchase the best builder out there

Not all builders are created equal. When it comes to speed, solid performance and ease of use, Beaver Builder is number one in my books. Set global items, create templates as you work, edit with a simple interface or add in your own CSS touches. Any creation is easy with this builder that is built with Bootstrap for excellent responsive design. I gush about it on LunchPress a lot (video).

Ithemes Security logo for affiliate

iThemes Security Pro Plugin*

Use my affiliate link to get great security support

All security plugins are not created equal, and I truly believe you should leave security to paid professionals. iThemes Security Pro gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. It has a very easy to manage dashboard with clear, user-friendly language. It gives you ultimate control over what you want to monitor and how you want to be notified of activity. The customer service and support at iThemes is also fast and friendly.

Backup buddy logo

Backup Buddy Plugin*

Use my affiliate link to purchase Backup Buddy

The worst mistake you can make with WordPress is not back it up on the regular. There are lots of generic free backup options, but rarely do they tick off all the boxes you need for your site. Enter Backup Buddy. It offers restore, off-site destinations such as Dropbox and Amazon, and the most flexible scheduling and file selection scheme I’ve seen. A blogger’s site doesn’t need the same backup schedule as an ecommerce site, and Backup Buddy is built to be as customization as possible.  Should you encounter a problem, the fine folks at iThemes are right there ready to help.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Improve your WordPress SEO with an easy to understand plugin. I joke that this is the ‘Coles Notes’ of SEO but it’s true! Write better content, customize how it displays on social media and have a better understanding of how SEO works with your WordPress site. Their development team is always on top of updates, making them one of the most compatible plugins I’ve ever worked with.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Theme by Elegant Themes*

Purchase a powerful theme through my affiliate link

A recommended theme if you’re the kind of entrepreneur who wants to maintain and design your own content. Powered by the Divi Builder, this theme has a very easy to use framework and a huge community in case you run into any issues or want to do something special.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Elegant Themes Monarch Social Sharing Plugin*

Purchase the best social media sharing plugin through me

Asking your visitors to share your content should never feel obtrusive. Of all the social media sharing plugins I’ve used, I prefer the flexibility of Monarch. Bonus points that it has designs ideal for mobile visitors. Monarch is the one of the most sophisticated looking (and versatile) sharers out there.

Social JukeBox*

Make your social media posting easier

Make sure your best content is seen again and again on social media – without all the work! Social Jukebox is a powerful automated social media posting solution, which both manages and recycles your content. It’s Hootsuite, on steroids. This handy dandy app has helped me grow my Twitter following and more people engage with my content – because the time of day the content goes out is randomized. SO EASY.


East Coast Creative Collective

A monthly meetup for illustrators, animators, and visual artists in Halifax. E3C is a passion project of mine that is now 5 years old. It is a fantastic place to meet other creative people, get inspired and discover new resources.

WordPress Halifax Meetup or Join us on Facebook

My first endeavor to expand the WordPress community to Halifax. We’re a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers (individual bloggers to companies) who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. Sometimes there are presentations, other times roundtables. Meets once a month and offers free snacks and beer as part of the programming!

Volta Labs

Is my home-office away from the home office! A startup house for early stage technology product companies, Volta is a non-profit created by founders, for founders. Some perks of working out of this place includes free legal, HR/recruiting, and conference rooms. It is also the home of WordPress Halifax Meetup and many E3C events.

Creatively Speaking Toastmasters

Creatively Speaking Facebook Page

Creatively Speaking is the Toastmasters that I formally belonged to. It meets twice a month at the NS Writers Federation building. It is here that I honed my public speaking skills in an environment geared towards writers and other creative individuals. Interested in getting better at public speaking and leadership? I cannot recommend Toastmasters enough. Here you can find a chapter close to you!

Hosting Companies


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An Atlantic Canadian Hosting company that packs a punch! This company is ideal for small to medium-size businesses mandate they keep their money local. Or are looking for a Canadian web hosting company who’s services rival that of the big American corps. What sets them apart? They have customer service in spades. The fact that their servers are run in an environmentally conscious method, without compromising performance, is unique to say the least.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting*

Use my affiliate link to check out the best managed WordPress hosting out there!

If you’re looking for a complete package when it comes to WordPress-centered hosting, SiteGround has you covered. This hosting company has built an environment exclusive for WordPress, and includes many features other hosting companies don’t bake into the price: updates, security monitoring, dedicated backups, SSL certificates and caching. Additionally, the larger hosting packages include features such as one-click staging (ideal for ecommerce and member sites, or anyone who wants a safe place to test new functionality) and Git-Hub support! They often have great introductory pricing, and the customer service is excellent.

Maritime Method Solutions

Maritime Method Solutions is a local hosting and development provider who specializes in helping non-profits, and tiny organizations make their mark online. If you prefer to meet your hosting provider in person, this company with its heart planted firmly in ethical business is ideal for you.

Domain Services


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I love using Hover to park domains, but did you know they can  automatically connect to many popular web hosts in seconds? They take the guess work out of domains! Their customer service is also so friendly and helpful for the times you need a little extra TLC.

Service Providers I Work With & Trust

Satellite WP*

For monthly WordPress site maintenance, you can’t beat the service and quality of this Canadian Company. With a variety of plans to choose from, some stand out features of Satellite WP including easy-to-read reports and multi-lingual support. I personally know owners Jean-Francois and Maxime, and feel they are the embodiment of stellar WordPress service.

Daley Progress

Daley Progress is the mastermind of Linda Daley, someone I have learned a lot from over the years when it comes to small business marketing and growth. Once known for being a newsletter creation powerhouse, Daley Progress now focuses on helping big thinkers implement all their ideas in obtainable ways.

IDunn Pro Copywriters

Adriana Tica and her team have done wonders for my website when it comes to page content that converts. An international team with a lot of heart, Idunn has one of the best blogs I’ve seen in regards to the intersection of content and sales. You gotta bookmark that right now!

Twirp Communications

One of the most knowledgeable and quirky social media markers I have had the pleasure of knowing. Take in one of her many workshops, catch one of her presentations or hire her. If you’re not following her on Twitter, you’re missing out on massive amounts of expert content on everything social media. Go follower her!

Kate Castle

Is a fantastic copywriter with years of marketing experience. What really sets her apart from other local writers is her ability to write for the web. When my clients use her, it cuts our own site development time in half!

Mike Tanner

OneRedCat helps businesses find their place online. Mike has very unique insight into life/work balance and is a fantastic public speaker.

Michelle Doucette Photography

Michelle has so much talent! Headshots that capture personality, food photography that makes you want to lick the screen, and an attention to detail I expect in a service provider. She will never let a wrinkle in your clothes or stray hair get caught in her view. This Halifax-based Photographer is crazy talented, and a must-have in upping your brand game.


The best boutique computer store in Nova Scotia. Costas and his team have kept Eraserheader Design running for over 6 years. I purchase all my technical gear from them, and their tech support is the fastest and effective I’ve come across. They are part of the success of my business!

WordPress & Web

LunchPress (hosted by yours truly!)

A weekly Facebook Live series I created in 2017/18 to talk about all things WordPress and answer questions in the comments. Covers everything from technical questions to content creation, and a more tips and tricks than you can shake a stick at.

Smashing Magazine

Part of my morning routine is hopping onto Smashing Magazine to get the latest scoop on web design trends, tricks, and news.

WP Beginner

One of the easiest-to-digest sites out there dedicated to beginner topics with WordPress. Just about every article offers both video and written versions, and they continue to update content regularly so you know you have the latest information.

The WP Crowd

Is a fun, informative podcast run by some WordPress professionals I know. Geared more to those in the profession that typical users, the WP Crowd has a number of topics to help inspire and challenge WordPress server providers.

Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse trains passionate people in Web and iOS development. Their core programs are intensive, immersive boot camps that transform people into outstanding developers. Their part-time Intro to Web and iOS Development courses are perfect to get your feet wet when learning to code. They also offer free HTML & CSS courses so keep tabs on their events listings.

Stack Overflow

When I get stuck on coding, I go to StackOverflow. Considered the ‘reddit of code’, you can find answers to coding issues in seconds flat. All answers are voted by the community so you can see different solutions to the same problem and how relevant they are. My bible and secrete to keeping on top of my coding game!