LunchPress #22: Smarter ways to ask about gender in forms and …

LunchPress #22 Being inclusive when asking for gender in surveys and forms*don't worry HD kicks in at about 30 seconds*

Posted by Eraserheader Design on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

LunchPress #22 Being Inclusive When Asking For Gender In Surveys And Forms

*don’t worry HD kicks in at about 30 seconds*

I am referring to gender, not sex. Sex requirements on a form would be for medical purposes. This was a thread in a Facebook group I’m on, but something I teach my first year web development students about.

Why this matters:

  • Male, Female, Other – no one wants to be an ‘other’.
  • Those that are working through their identity are already battling daily issues, this adds to it
  • You are asking for someone’s feedback, but can’t be bothered to know about their identity

Best way to go about it:

Best answer is:
I identify my gender as…
__________ (fill in the blank)

If you don’t need it, try

I identify my gender as…
[] Man
[] Woman
[] Trans*
[] __________ (fill in the blank)
[] Prefer not to disclose

“But now I can’t go through the data easily because everyone types something different”:

I ask – do you not put an ‘other’ options in lists or a ‘comment’s section for you to read? Is not the purpose of a form or survey to glean important data? Then why is this an issue for gender but not all the other inputs you have in your form?

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