LunchPress #15: Links  (heroes of the interwebs)


Links are the heroes of the internet! We are going to get into a bit of code today, but I’m confident you can all follow along.

02:09 – Internal links and how to keep people on your site longer.
– Jetpack (, various (…/5-best-rel…/)

04:30 – External links and how to set them up *notice how I almost say ‘interweb’ haha

06:00 – The code that creates external links, illustrated!

07:17 – How to make internal links stand out

08:33 – The ‘title’ attribute and why it’s important. Bous: how to hear how your site sounds to a screen reader!

11:04 – Nofollow attribute *not link, sorry I misspoke*. How we can let Google know a link isn’t endorsed by the site and when to use it. When WordPress does it automatically… ). Note that it sets them at comments and user content, not in author external links, as I incorrectly say in this video. (

14:00 – Rel=”noopener” what is does, who it protects and when WordPress adds it.

15:57 – Anchor links to jump to different sections of content

19:55 – WordPress Halifax Meetup is next week. There’s a business panel! (…/eve…/240793303/)

20:45 – I’m running two different Photoshop Workshops in Halifax. One for beginners, and one more intermediate. If you’ve always wanted to learn Photoshop…. learn from me! Complete details on them can be found at


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