Google Analytics Training: Your Website’s Crystal Ball

Learn how to read the data that matters to your business: more sales, more phone calls, more clicks!

Crystal ball with Google Analytics logo in it

Understand Google Analytics in an approachable, interactive way

Google Analytics: you know the name, maybe even have it installed on your site. But can you decipher its data into something useful? Or are you ignoring the wealth of information it holds because it seems “too complicated” to understand?

No long-winded articles. No out-of-date videos. Take the human approach with my 2 hour live one-on-one training. In one session, you’ll become your own site mystic:

  • Find out who you users really are, how they got to your site, and why they left
  • Identify which content is pure gold so you can make more of it
  • Discover the words people are using to find you (no more guessing!)
  • Make growth predictions based on data instead of subjective speculation

How Kate learned to love her data

“I knew I should be watching Google Analytics but I was completely intimidated by it. As our session went along, Alison made Google Analytics easy then clear then downright intriguing. Tweaking my website has gone from a chore to an indulgent pleasure.”
– Kate Bonnycastle, Copywriter

The importance of one-on-one training

“Alison’s insights into website design and use have helped us understand which relationships, resources, and skillsets to prioritize as we digitize aspects of our brokerage. We listen closely when she speaks!”
– Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance

Google Analytics Basic Training: $199+hst

Includes 1.5 hours live one-on-one training, video recording of the session and multipage PDF reference guide. No matter where you are in Canada, together we’ll cover:

  • basic terminology
  • how to read the data correctly, and ignore the parts that don’t matter to your business
  • discover user demographics
  • identify how to spot visitor habits and flows
  • find out where traffic comes from
  • how to setup automatic reporting
  • next steps for you to follow after the session

Hi, I’m Alison Knott, your Google Analytics teacher

It breaks my heart to see people blindly put effort into their site content and design. The web was meant to be measured, and yet many people are afraid to even look at the yardstick.

As a web consultant and instructor, I’m on a mission to help site owners make informed decisions about their site. Enough with the smoke and mirrors – we’ll use Analytics and Search data instead!

Alison Knott holding tablet with Google Analytics stats on it