Boost your profit margins with the right Google Analytics knowledge

Google Analytics training for Canadian small business owners

1 Hour Live Webinar + 30 Minute Q&A

Alison Knott Google Analytics trainer holding tablet with maple leaf on screen

What is Google Analytics and why is it important?

I see you there… updating website content, fiddling with page design, and posting on social media. You’re a business owner doing it all yourself and time is precious. Tell me, how does all that effort translate to clicks, downloads and purchases on your site?

No guessing now… the success of your business depends on knowing the answer!

See, Google Analytics is the key to unlocking your website’s potential. It holds all the data you need about your visitors, buying patterns, traffic sources and SO much more:

  • It helps cut your website to-do list in half by showing what changes really need to be made.
  • It shows which social media traffic is more likely to click or buy (and which leaves the moment they arrive).
  • Not sure if that online listing you pay to be in is paying off? Google Analytics does.

“What a wonderful webinar. Despite me thinking I knew enough about Google Analytics I still gleamed some new information! So much value for your money.
– Allison W.

“Highly recommend this webinar. It is the fastest way to get up and running with Google Analytics. Alison’s presentation will enable you to uncover the 5Ws on your visitors so that you can make intelligent decisions for you business based on data.”
– Duane W.

“Every time I dig into my analytics with Alison, I find out things I wish I’d realized sooner. I’m able to identify specific actions I can take to get more eyes on my content.”
– Linda D.

But isn’t Google Analytics really complicated?

No: because as a fellow Canadian business owner, I know exactly the areas of Google Analytics that matter to you. And I can show you in one hour.

Data is wonderful, BUT it can also be overwhelming, especially for the small business owner who has to do everything on their own.

I don’t want to add to your already full plate. I know from experience that Jacks of all trades don’t need that! In fact, I want to take some things off your plate, so you can focus on what you do better – grow your small business.

Together we’ll ‘tame’ Google Analytics and turn it into your best friend. The kind of best friend that gives you unparalleled insights into your business at a glance.

In one hour, I’ll show you precisely who visits your website, what they are reading, and for how long. More importantly, why they are (or are not) calling, buying your product or booking your services. We stick only to the stats that matter.

This $99 Webinar Includes:

6 Page Cheatsheet: your safety net long after the session has ended
30 Minute Q&A: ask me specific questions that matter to your business
Replay of the webinar: after the live session is over (for a limited time)
More surprises and bonuses: only available to webinar attendees

What Will You Learn?

  • The basics of Google Analytics
  • Why “lots of website hits” means zip in today’s online world
  • How to sift through irrelevant data and focus on what brings you ROI
  • Understand basic terms like “bounce rate”, “traffic sources” and more
  • The connection between Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The vanity data to avoid
  • Which social media channel is working its hardest for you
  • How to create reports and choose relevant metrics
  • How to make growth happen

Aside from the training itself, during the 30-minute LIVE Q&A you will get to ask me any question on Google Analytics. Yes, even precise questions about your specific problems!

woman watching live webinar about google analytics from laptop on her desk

Yes, in one hour you’ll even know what this screen means!

Why register for this Google Analytics webinar instead of taking a free course?

I know. There are tons of free videos, webinars and Google Analytics training out there. Why pay $99 for this one?

  • Free resources are filled with generic info that only confuses beginners more.
  • Free sessions don’t teach you how to make money using Google Analytics.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge to apply what I teach (and the included cheatsheet will help fill any gaps you may have).
  • My training is specifically created for Canadians (no way I can hide this accent!). I know your problems and your pain points firsthand. And I know how to help you solve them.
  • The main focus of this webinar is to help you stop wasting time and money on your website and start investing in what brings clients. You can’t do either of those things without knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  • You get live a 30-minute Q&A where I can help solve your specific Google Analytics pain points. When’s the last time a video course offered that?

Meet Your Trainer Alison Knott

Hi, I’m Alison, your new website Sidekick!

Alison Knott Google Analytics training in HalifaxI’ve spent the last 11 years building websites and building businesses. I’ve worked with dozens of small business across Canada and around the globe.

I’m a Haligonian who runs workshops, Facebook Live shows, speak on stages internationally and run training sessions of all shapes and sizes.

In a nutshell: I am a business grower. And I’m not (just) talking about my own business. Thanks to a marketing career that’s taken me through print, marketing, web development and design, I have a bird’s eye view on what works in the digital world.

I’m committed to put all my experience and expertise to work for your business, too.

It breaks my heart to see people blindly put effort into their site content and design. The web was meant to be measured, and yet many people are afraid to even look at the yardstick.

As a web consultant and instructor, I’m on a mission to help site owners make informed decisions about their site. Enough with the smoke and mirrors – we’ll use Analytics and Search data instead!

What do others have to say?

Find out what other Canadian small business owners just like you have to say about my Google Analytics training…

“As a self-taught Analytics user, Alison made me confident that I was already on the right track, and definitely took my understanding to the next level. As always, Alison was an engaging presenter who shared her knowledge in a humorous and easy to understand way.”
– Amanda R.

“When we needed insight on how to better engage with our readership online, Alison came highly recommend. Her energy is contagious and her professional knowledge runs deep. ”
– Max B.

“I knew I should be watching Google Analytics but I was completely intimidated by it. As our session went along, Alison made Google Analytics easy then clear then downright intriguing. Tweaking my website has gone from a chore to an indulgent pleasure.”
– Kate B.