Fart Jar App for a hackathon

Our mobile app’s basic mockup

I’ve always wanted to attend hackathons, but felt somewhat intimidated

It’s very easy to get comfortable in web design. I’ve worked hard to be good at what I do, and often the thought of doing something out of my element seems taxing to me.

After wondering if I’d enjoy myself at a hackathon event, I took the plunge. Back in November I spent a day at REDspace to make something in under 13 hours. From concept to execution. Together, my giant team and I made… an app where you send your recorded farts to friends. That’s right.

We learned a lot as a team, and I as a designer. We didn’t win any awards that day, and we certainly didn’t have a polished piece. But there were lots of silver linings and laugh-out-loud moments I wouldn’t trade. I mean common, we were designing with farts in mind!

I wrote about it over at E3C, the creative community website I run in Halifax. Have a look: http://e3chalifax.ca/farting-in-jar-my-first-hackathon/

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