Headshot of Alison Knott in yellow blazer

Hello! I’m Alison Knott. When it comes to design and the web, I am a linchpin.

What is a linchpin?

It is defined as ‘a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other part from sliding off the axle upon which it is riding‘. In short, it holds a mechanism together – many parts rely on one linchpin to function successfully. For startups and small business owners, I am that army of one.


Bird Lover, Code Cuddler, Stage Slayer

I began my career in print design, but, ever curious and unstoppable, I found myself taking on marketing tasks for clients as well. The beauty of working for small teams is the variety of roles and skills you acquire. I, too, felt the pull of web design and development: I was struck by how it brings people, opportunities and ideas together.

Today, I help small business owners reach their goals online. I also run meetups, workshops, Facebook Live shows, speak on stages across Canada and teach at my local community college.

When I’m not elbows deep in the ‘biz, you can find me hanging out with artist-types at the East Coast Creative Collective. Or, at home with my two annoying-but-too-cute-not-to-love-em parrots, PeeWee and Birdie.


Curiouser and Curiouser ( My Approach)

I ask a lot of questions, which is critical to my methodology. If I don’t deeply understand what you’re trying to do, no amount of flashy design or trendy templates will bring you results. I don’t create websites or brands that are ‘pretty’; I build solutions that bring in more sales, more traffic, more ROI. The fact they look great is a natural result (phew!). Aesthetics matter to me, but not as much as your business impact.



Darlin’, I was born ready. Let’s get to the heart of your business problems and turn your website or brand into everything you need it to be. I love getting to know your company’s culture, quirks and dreams. Best part? I’m available for short/long-term projects and consultation, both remotely or on site here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


East Coast Creative Collective
Since 2012, I’ve lead a meetup and online resource hub for designers, illustrators and animators.

WordPress Halifax Meetup
Co-creator and organizer of a monthly meetup for WordPress users and producers.

WordCamp Halifax 2017
Lead organizer of Atlantic Canada’s only WordPress conference.


Volta (Network Member)
Creatively Speaking Toastmasters


NSCC Institue of Technology
NSCAD Extended Studies (past)

Headshot by Michelle Doucette