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What is Web Consulting

LunchPress #35: What is web consulting and how can your business benefit from it?

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Wondering when you should speak to a web consultant, designer or developer? Let’s take a moment to understand when a web consultant is your best choice of the three.

Sidebars, Widgets, and Shortcodes Explained

LunchPress #34: Sidebars, widgets and shortcodes explained

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Back to basics with sidebars, widgets and shortcodes. These items help bring additional functionality to your WordPress site, and I got into detail on each one’s uses.


LunchPress #33: Back To Basics With Backups

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Everyone tells you to backup your WordPress site, but what are they really talking about? I give the lowdown on the who-what-when-where and WHY around this very important task,

User Roles

LunchPress #32: User Roles

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Let’s get back to basics on WordPress user roles. Did you know having the right user setting can help speed up how others contribute to your site? There’s more to users than logging in, my friend!

Categories Vs Tags

LunchPress 31: Categories vs tags

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Back to basics on WordPress categories and tags. Let’s get to the bottom of the real differences and uses of these powerful options. You’d be surprised how they can take your layout from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’… I’m serious!

The Proper Way to Use Images in WordPress

LunchPress #30: The proper way to use images in WordPress

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Back to basics on the delicate relationship between your website speed and images. I’ll walk you through the finer points of preparing images for WordPress to keep your site speedy!

LunchPress #29: 5 Things You Should Have Set Up On WordPress

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Back to basics on the 5 things you should have set up correctly on WordPress. These small items can make a lot of difference in the user experience of visitors, and how you use WordPress day to day.

Winter scene

Winter 2017 Workplace Shadow

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I love being able to share client work with emerging local designers. Say hello to -another- Allison! Find out what she’s all about and what she’s ready to offer clients.

Alison helped build the bridge between my services and my online audience through various marketing tactics. Landing pages, tracking users, email sequences - even the graphics that help sell my products - I love that Alison is available to help me put these pieces together.

Janet MacDonald My Campus GPS

Alison’s insights into website design and use have helped us understand which relationships, resources, and skillsets to prioritize as we digitize aspects of our brokerage. We listen closely when she speaks.

Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance

Alison’s ability to “crawl inside our brains and put onto paper what we were thinking” amazes us. Her intuitiveness is her greatest strength.

Kim Hendrickson, President of Premiere Entertainment Group

With my brand I feel confident to sell to a larger market, especially when I went wholesale. Alison takes the time to explain why she makes the choices she does. Simply put, she just gets my business.

Megan Archer, Owner of Aflame Creations

In Alison, we found the “trifecta”. Her attention to detail as well as her great personality makes her one of the best contract employees we have ever dealt with!

Christina Edwards, Event Director of Halifax International Busker Festival