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LunchPress #17: The Deets on SSl Certificates (HTTPS)

LunchPress #17: The Deets on SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

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Taking a site from HTTP to HTTPS has a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, there is a lot of out of date information on SSL Certificates that I’d like to clear up. Also, did you know that SSL is important for even brand new sites to have?It’s true!

LunchPress Episode #16: When You're Struggling To Write Content For Your Site

LunchPress #16: When You’re Struggling With Writing Content For Your Site

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Did you know that getting content is the #1 item than holds up site builds? It can be very overwhelming to balance writing for people and SEO. Especially if writing isn’t you’re favourite thing to do. So, here I’ll help break it down into tasks that will make it easier to manage.

LunchPress Episode #15: Links!

LunchPress #15: Links (heroes of the interwebs)

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Links are the heroes of the internet! We are going to get into a bit of code today, but I’m confident you can all follow along. I’ve even printed out code snippets so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Photoshop basics workshop Alison Knott

Workshop: Photoshop Basics July 29th

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Have you been itching to use Photoshop to make professional photos and graphics? Do you find online tutorials overwhelming and wish you could learn the basics with someone on hand to answer your specific questions? Enroll in this one-day workshop designed to get you up and running with Photoshop!

LunchPress Episode #14

LunchPress #14: Things To Do Over The Summer

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We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, but that doesn’t mean your website should take a vacation. Here are some fun things you can do over the summer to help your site out!

LunchPress Episode #13: Homepages and leadpages

LunchPress #13: Tips for homepages and leadpages

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Kick back with me on Five Island Lake! Get down to the details around creating great homepages and leadpages. It’s time to explain what the heck that ‘fold’ is about, and I offer up free page reviews!

LunchPress Episode #12: Q's About Themes

LunchPress #12: Questions About Themes

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Themes seem to perplex people. It’s a common topic that comes up at our local meetup so I wanted to cover some of the basics in detail.

Stage to represent Toastmasters

Reasons To Join Toastmasters: It Aint About Speeches!

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I get it. Everyone thinks “Toastmasters is about getting over the fear of public speaking -that’s not for me.” I’d like to offer up some different reasons why TMI might be for you… and they have little to do with speeches.

Alison brings a wealth of knowledge in the advertising/marketing arena which is a bonus on top of her keen eye for design.

Erika Lee, Curvigirl Corsets

Alison’s ability to “crawl inside our brains and put onto paper what we were thinking” amazes us. Her intuitiveness is her greatest strength.

Kim Hendrickson, President of Premiere Entertainment Group

With my brand I feel confident to sell to a larger market, especially when I went wholesale. Alison takes the time to explain why she makes the choices she does. Simply put, she just gets my business.

Megan Archer, Owner of Aflame Creations

In Alison, we found the “trifecta”. Her attention to detail as well as her great personality makes her one of the best contract employees we have ever dealt with!

Christina Edwards, Event Director of Halifax International Busker Festival