Eraserheader is a web consultant with a focus on WordPress and design. Together, we’ll show the world your true colours.

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Let’s cut to the chase: I want your business to thrive online.


Why? Because I’m a small business owner just like you. We value the same things: time, ROI and the passion that got us to where we are today.

Hi, I’m Alison Knott, the one-woman-show behind Eraserheader Design. I am a coding queen, graphic designer and instructor with over a decade in the field of all things web and design. When it comes to making the most of your business online, it breaks my heart when I see fellow entrepreneurs duped by:

  • branding that’s ho-hum, templated and stale
  • websites that are nothing more than digital brochures, instead of powerful systems making money and life easier for their owners
  • empty promises of  how easy “being online” is, when really there’s a lot to learn to succeed
  • the overload of information that paralyzes smart self-made people… so nothing gets done

So how do we business owners thrive online?

I believe that starts with an honest conversation about what ‘thriving’ means. It’s not about vanity stats or a good looking website, I’m afraid. You can’t pay bills with Instagram likes or a pretty homepage. True web strategy is about the link between your audience’s needs and your needs as a business owner. We’re talking sales projections, site stats and long-term engagement. Tangible, measurable things that help you track success.

I know that conversation can be hard to have… so where to start? With a web strategist like me. I’m hear to help pull you from the jargon weeds and see the potential your site and brand have to push your business. With our collective strengths, ‘darlin, we go to town.

From website revamps to brand design, I promise to set you free of all the technical and logistical constraints, so you can get back to business.


Let's shift your business into high gear, eh?

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Alison helped build the bridge between my services and my online audience through various marketing tactics. Landing pages, tracking users, email sequences - even the graphics that help sell my products - I love that Alison is available to help me put these pieces together.

Janet MacDonald My Campus GPS

Alison’s insights into website design and use have helped us understand which relationships, resources, and skillsets to prioritize as we digitize aspects of our brokerage. We listen closely when she speaks.

Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance

Alison’s ability to “crawl inside our brains and put onto paper what we were thinking” amazes us. Her intuitiveness is her greatest strength.

Kim Hendrickson, President of Premiere Entertainment Group

With my brand I feel confident to sell to a larger market, especially when I went wholesale. Alison takes the time to explain why she makes the choices she does. Simply put, she just gets my business.

Megan Archer, Owner of Aflame Creations

In Alison, we found the “trifecta”. Her attention to detail as well as her great personality makes her one of the best contract employees we have ever dealt with!

Christina Edwards, Event Director of Halifax International Busker Festival